Top Flight BasketBall Academy

Private Training

For players looking for more personalized attention in a private atmosphere, Top Flight Basketball offers individual and small group (1 to 3 players) training sessions from our experienced and highly qualified coaching staff.

From players new to the game to experienced players looking for a competitive edge, Top Flight individual training sessions are great tool to help players achieve their goals whatever they may be. Individual training sessions are tailored to address each player’s specific needs. Sessions are typically 60 minutes in length and are intense and focused. Players are expected to bring maximum effort in order to get maximum benefit from every session.

Typical areas of focus for individual training sessions:

Shooting: Form and Technique, Shots off the catch, shots off the dribble, and game speed scenarios.

Ball handling: Ball control, ball handling in the full court, and dribble attack moves.

Footwork: Becoming efficient with their steps, utilizing the pivot, proper defensive footwork, post, and guard footwork.

Mental Game: Working through adversity, gaining confidence through work ethic and discipline.



  • Package 1H

    Private session registration fee for 60 minutes

  • Package 5H

    Private session registration fee for 5 x 60 minutes

  • Package 10H

    Private session registration fee for 10 x 60 minutes