Top Flight BasketBall Academy


Don’t take our word for it, have a look at what our community has to say about The Top Flight Basketball Academy


“We have two kids in this program. It is an excellent program - who would have thought: a world class basketball academy in Bangkok! “– Jake Vigoda



“Great standard of coaching. All the coaches are very good people with great basketball knowledge and experience. Coach Ike sets a high standard for learning and is a very passionate coach. A great programme for all ages and skill level! Great for Bangkok and Thailand”.  –Te Aro Pairama Lewington


“Great Coach, good teamwork...... We love Topflight” ...... Pakavadee Kanphai

“Great Pro Basketball Coaches for students range from ages 5 to 18. In just 4 lessons, my elementary children, both first time players learnt the rules well and have great dribbling n shooting forms. Thank You Top Flight!” –Joeyvoen Thai

“Great Coach
.. Great Team.. Go.. TopFlight” Khao Sunisa


“As parents we appreciate how committed the coaches are. You can just feel the energy in the gym. That’s why so many of us parents like to stay and watch. They are disciplined athletes that care about their craft, and successful professionals. They are great examples for the kids to follow”. –Arthur Cruz



“The coaches at Top Flight Basketball were energetic, caring and enthusiastic. The instruction and skill development was top notch, and the players were able to apply their learning ?during game play. Most importantly, they had fun and developed friendships with one another. My son has attended several of the camps and basketball has become his favorite activity. This is due in no small part to the attention that Coach Ike and his staff give to each player. I highly recommend their programs”.  -Gwen Ratchada



“Coach Ike and his coaches are all great with the kids and provide top level, fun skill development.  Our kids loved it, got better at basketball, and at the very least were active! Even kids who weren’t great at basketball enjoyed it. Parents were also very receptive and appreciative and a lot of them came to watch.” –Supavadee Pongpittayapa




“Top Flight Basketball Academy is by far one of the best basketball academy my son has attended.  Coach Ike treats each player equally and he encourages each player to reach his or her full potential. The training is intense and I have definitely seen an improvement in my son’s performance. Not only is he a coach but an influential role model that leads by example and inspires his team players. He follows through with his expectations of his team players. We are so grateful to have such a great program in our community”. -George Lee