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Top Flight Basketball Academy (TopFlight Basketball Co. Ltd) is the premier basketball instruction institution in Southeast Asia. We hold clinics and camps at some of the most notable international schools in Thailand and Hong Kong, and we operate youth and men's leagues throughout the year.

Top Flight is led by Ike Nwankwo, a member of the 1995 NCAA championship basketball team at UCLA and a former NBA player.


After a year on Thailand's professional ABL team in 2010, Ike traded in his basketball shoes for a whistle and began to share with the youth of Thailand the sport which had brought him so many years of joy and success.

Our coaching staff includes current and former professional, university, and national team players from countries around the globe. We offer the most informative and enjoyable basketball clinics in the region.


Top Flight rules for success in Basketball


Our Mission at Top Flight Basketball is to share our passion for the game of basketball with the next generation of young players by teaching them how the game is supposed to be played.


Our primary aim at Top Flight is to use basketball as a vehicle to teach players important life lessons about hard work and determination, teamwork, leadership, and courage. We hope to inspire the next generation of leaders on and off the court.


In addition to these goals, Top Flight also works to promote the game throughout Asia with our innovative training programs, clinics, and special events.

Dear (Potential Donors name),  I am from Top Flight basketball academy. The company is based in Bangkok, with a branch in Hong Kong. We at Top Flight Basketball Academy specialize in teaching and promoting basketball at the elementary and high school levels, organizing Junior Basketball Leagues, Elite Teams, After School Activities (ECAs), Men's Leagues, Basketball Experience Trips, Private Training, and Holiday Camps. As our programs continues to grow we have expanded our reach, running international camps, hosted teams from other academies, providing outside clubs with feature coaches, and hosted high ranked sponsored programs such as Jr.NBA.  It is our Goal as an organization to bring basketball to as many individuals as possible and raise the level of the sport in Asia. It is our ambition to be a place where young players can go to develop themselves not only as players but as people as well.   We have some exciting news! We are looking for potential sponsors who want to be a part of some of the amazing programs and events that we run here at Top Flight Basketball Academy.  In return for sponsorship, we are offering multiple advertising opportunities for your company in the lead up and during the events and programs we run. These sponsorship opportunities vary depending on what your company is willing to offer, however we would love to work with you to create exciting sponsorships not just for us here but also for you. In the attached document you will find more information about the company and some of the possible sponsorship opportunities that we have.  We hope you are able to contribute and thank you for your consideration. If we have emailed the wrong person could you please pass us on to the correct department/person as we would really enjoy working with your brand.  To make a contribution or if you are interested in a program or event that we run please feel free to email us back or make an appointment to discuss our sponsorship opportunities further. You can find us at: Trendy Building, Room 2102c, 21st Floor, 13 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana, 10110.  Sincerely, Ikenna Nwankwo  Founder of Top Flight Basketball Academy Flight Basketball Elite teams
Mission Statement
Top Flight Basketball Class


Top Flight Specializes in teaching and promoting the game of basketball at the youth and high school levels. Our programs include after school activities, camps, individual and small group training, and specialized clinics. Each one of our programs is designed with one aim in mind; to equip our players with the skills and the knowledge to become the best basketball players and young people they can possibly be.

The primary focus of all of our programs is the teaching the proper fundamentals of the game of basketball. Fundamentals are the foundation of a successful basketball player on any level, from a high-school varsity player to an NBA All-Star.


Success on the basketball court is based on knowing and executing the proper fundamentals in game situations. As young players learn the game of basketball they are prone to pick up bad habits, bad habits which are very difficult to break when they get older. At Top Flight we believe in carefully teaching the proper fundamentals of shooting, passing, ball handling, and footwork, and then consistently reinforcing these fundamentals with hours of practice and repetition through specifically designed drills.


Whether your child is a serious player with aspirations of playing at the highest levels, or a student who enjoys playing the game merely as hobby or for fun, we guarantee your child will see an improvement in their basketball skill level, athleticism, and confidence after training at the Top Flight Basketball Academy.

Training Philosophy


Ike Nwankwo is a UCLA graduate, coach, and former professional basketball player. He is originally from Houston, Texas where was a high school All-American at Cypress Creek High School. He graduated in 1992 and then he accepted a full basketball scholarship to UCLA where he was a member of the NCAA National Championship team in 1995. He followed his collegiate career with a 14-year professional career, which included playing with several NBA teams like the LA Lakers, Houston Rockets, and Cleveland Cavaliers. He has also played in top professional leagues in over eight countries. Ike has also played for some of the best coaches and players at the highest levels around the world.

Ikne Nwankwo Playing with UCLA
Founder: Ike Nwankwo


B.A. University Of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2001
Degree in Communications Studies



Winner of the 1995 Arthur Ashe Sports Scholar Award
Directors Honor Roll
Member of the 1995 NCAA National Championship Team


Los Angeles Lakers, CA
Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland, OH
Houston Rockets Houston, TX
Miami Heat Miami, FL
Toronto Raptors Toronto, *SL
Phoenix Suns Phoenix, Arizona, *SL
Dallas Mavericks Dallas, TX

*SL = Summer League

Player Developement







At the beginner level, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and agility are heavily emphasized. These skills are needed for success in any sport. We believe kids at this stage must participate in a wide variety of different sports to build a solid athletic base. At the beginner level, it is equally important to make sure students are enjoying themselves and want to come back each week. We try to create a fun, low-pressure environment in these classes to develop positive associations with sports.




At this stage, our primary concern is building a strong fundamental base.  A good fundamental base or "foundation" is the key to future success on the basketball court. Level 2 is quite critical in that as students get older, it gets more difficult to correct bad habits. We must teach our players the proper fundamentals of passing, shooting, and dribbling to give them a  strong fundamental base and draw from their entire basketball lives.
A majority of the time in these sessions is spent on reinforcing proper basketball fundamentals through drilling and small-sided games. Minimal time is spent in 5-on-5, less emphasis is placed on competition more time on proper technique. Although we introduce positions and the functions of each position in a game, at this level, we do not assign or pigeonhole players into one position or role on the court. It is just as important for the biggest player on the floor to be a good ball-handler for the smaller player to be a good rebounder.
Fun is still a huge part of these sessions; we want to make sure our players are still motivated, engaged, and enjoying themselves at all times, and not afraid to make mistakes. 




At Level 3, we incorporate the all-important SAQ (Speed Agility Quickness) concepts into our training sessions. 30-40% of practice time is spent improving overall athleticism with strength exercises, footwork drills, and exercises that enhance the player's endurance and overall conditioning. Students need to understand the connection between being in good shape and success on the basketball court. Players are introduced to advanced team concepts in addition to more challenging individual skill work. As players progress to the latter stages, Level 3, more time is spent in 5-on-5 competition and simulated game situations.



In Level 4, a tremendous amount of emphasis is placed on advanced team concepts, tactics, and strategies on offense and defense. It is at this stage that players begin to develop their overall basketball "IQ."Players also begin to understand the importance of the game's mental aspects and how these mental aspects are just as important as the game's physical aspects. More time is spent on position-specific skill work. Conditioning diet and rest about performance is heavily emphasized.


Top Flight coaches are all either ex or current professional basketball players or licensed professionals. Our coaches are certified by many of the major governing bodies of the sport including FIBA, Jr. NBA, and USA Basketball. 

Our Team


Don't take out the word for it, have a look at what our community has to say about the Top Flight Basketball Academy 


“We have two kids in this program. It is an excellent program - who would have thought: a world-class basketball academy in Bangkok! “


“Top Flight Basketball Academy is by far one of the best basketball academies my son has attended.  Coach Ike treats each player equally and he encourages each player to reach his or her full potential. The training is intense and I have definitely seen an improvement in my son’s performance. Not only is he a coach but an influential role model that leads by example and inspires his team players. He follows through with his expectations of his team players. We are so grateful to have such a great program in our community”. 


“As parents we appreciate how committed the coaches are. You can just feel the energy in the gym. That’s why so many of us parents like to stay and watch. They are disciplined athletes that care about their craft, and successful professionals. They are great examples for the kids to follow”. 


“The coaches at Top Flight Basketball were energetic, caring and enthusiastic. The instruction and skill development was top-notch, and the players were able to apply their learning during gameplay. Most importantly, they had fun and developed friendships with one another. My son has attended several of the camps and basketball has become his favorite activity. This is due in no small part to the attention that Coach Ike and his staff give to each player. I highly recommend their programs”.  

Our Partners


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