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The Top Flight After School Activities Program offers students the opportunity to participate in a fun activity that enhances their basketball skill level and gives them an outlet for physical activity after the long school day.

Our programs are tailored to each student’s age, ability, and skill level. After-School Programs are administered in a safe, challenging, and fun environment with our professional team of coaches. This program aims to foster a love for the game with specially designed drills and games to keep students engaged and enjoying themselves.

The program runs through the school semesters for Boys & Girls 5-15.

Top Flight coaches teaching at after school programs here in Bangkok


Top Flight Basketball Academy is excited to announce that it is now offering training sessions for your local school gym class and basketball teams. Our school tour program is designed to give your class a 1 hour lesson providing fundamental drills and engaging games to help your class or team improve their basketball skills. Not only will your school be able to learn from some of the best professional basketball players in, but your class/team will also play a 5 on 5 match against the TF coaching staff in front of your school! Prizes and T-shirts will be given away at the end of the session to the students who have the best performances in the drills and 5 on 5 scrimmage. 

Don't miss this great opportunity to provide your school with this great partnership and learning opportunity. 


In addition to the various individual programs we run, Top Flight Basketball also offers Team  Coaching Services for your school teams. Top Flight Coaches will work with your coaches/teachers to develop a  philosophy and system and help your team set goals for the season. We can also educate your inexperienced coaches on the fundamentals of the game.

For more information, feel free to contact us at


The Top Flight Team Training Program was created to help teams become better, stronger, and build chemistry before the next basketball season. Whether you are building your program from scratch or looking to maintain a successful program, our team camps offer a unique experience. Our camps are designed to improve coaching strategies and team play.

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