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A program designed to launch the most skilled high school players in Thailand to the next level!
2020 is the start of the Top Flight's new Select Program, a team filled with some of the best talent hitting the court in Bangkok. This program is free and works on a scholarship system. Players must try out and after initial selection must work to maintain high level performance and show a strong work ethic throughout the season. Players accepted to the team will receive regular trainings and games during the year but will all be competing for 1 of 10 spots for the final team selection. These final 10 players will receive a full scholarship trip to Los Angeles to play AAU, staying and training at the incredible UCLA campus. 
This opportunity allows players to test themselves against their peers playing in America and attempted to be scouted and recruited to the next level, prep school or college basketball.
In addition players on the team through the regular season will receive guidance and help in the recruitment process as we gather their highlights and school information our team and contacts can promote players to coaches and schools abroad and at the next level. 


Top Flight Basketball AAU Select Team
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